Tritan and Recycled Plastic

Tritan, is the environmentally friendly material for plastic bottles for drinking water. This innovative polymer belongs to the class of co-polyesters, materials that combine good physical and chemical properties with the possibility of being recycled and the absence of harmful components such as bisphenols (BPA) released by the common polycarbonate for food use. 

Plastic is one of the most common materials. Obtained through the processing of petroleum, or from derivatives of plant or animal origin in the case of bioplastics, one of the advantageous characteristics of plastics is the great ease of processing. There is a specific sector of waste recycling that includes all the operations that are carried out on plastic waste to obtain new material to be reintroduced into production processes. Football uniforms, street furniture, brooms, bottles, car coverings are just some of the examples of how plastic objects such as bottles can have a second life.