Re-Hub Brand

The graphic design work of the brand starts from the need to visually represent the concept of recycling (operating area) and e-commerce (virtual place). LOGO The logotype, developed horizontally, is the interaction between the words RE (short for RECYCLE/REUSE) and HUB (as a space, a place where they are concentrated and from which ideas, projects and products originate). The inclusion of.COM, as an integral part of the brand, gives it a commercial and digital nature.

The logotype follows the geometric trend of the sign through a stick font - KABEL MEDIUM REGULAR - characterized by a double nature: technological and creative, able to express contemporaneity and empathy.

SIGN The distinctive sign that characterizes the brand is a stylized semi-sun positioned on the right side. The sign recalls the elliptical shape typical of the concept of recycling (life cycle of recycled objects).